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What is an audit trail and when might you need it?

Accounting software serves many functions, including ensuring regulatory compliance, projecting a company’s...

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Accounting data security: 9 tips to prevent embezzlement

Many small and medium-size business leaders think of embezzlement only as a thing they read in newspaper...

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Data Transparency: Improve Your Business Visibility

One of the most important concepts for a small business to understand is data transparency. By this, I mean being...

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5 tips: Better Efficiency for Your Accounting Team

In this increasingly digital age, companies are scrambling to adopt the tools and processes that can make them...

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Facebook and GiveModo: Enhancing Fundraising Capabilities for Nonprofits

When it comes to social media platforms, Facebook still casts a relatively long shadow over its little...

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Why Invest in Online Accounting?

One thing commonly associated with a growing business is a tight budget. Every purchase and expenditure...

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10 Good Reasons Why Nonprofits Should Use a CRM

For any nonprofit fighting the good fight, promoting their worthy cause, the most important relationship is...

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Facebook Fundraising Capabilities for Nonprofits

When it comes to social media utilization, the most appropriate question to ask is “Who doesn’t have a...

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Charter Schools Need Multi-Entity Capabilities

As independent public schools, open to all students, Charter schools are governed by a local Board of...

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Is Your Business Truly Mobile?

Whether you’re looking to keep pace with the competition, or accommodate the needs of demanding customers,...

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