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What is an audit trail and when might you need it?

Accounting software serves many functions, including ensuring regulatory compliance, projecting a company’s...

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10 Good Reasons Why Nonprofits Should Use a CRM

For any nonprofit fighting the good fight, promoting their worthy cause, the most important relationship is...

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Nonprofit Executive Directors

Like every president since FDR, the progress of our nation’s leaders has been measured over the course of...

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Outgrown QuickBooks? Need more functionality than your entry level accounting software?

When you think of your young and growing business, that startup with the super-innovative idea, that nonprofit...

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The Key to a Nonprofit’s Success: Transparency

A day in the life of a nonprofit is all about doing more with less while still pushing forward and continuing...

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Accounting Systems: A Clear View

When you make an entry or change to your accounting software, does your accounting system automatically log...

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