Bill of Materials for Light Manufacturing

Create, Produce and Assemble

The Gravity Software’s™ (Gravity) Bill of Materials (BOM) allows companies to automate their assembly of products or do light manufacturing by creating a multi-level BOM. Organizations can assemble multiple components into finished goods without the complexity of a full-blown manufacturing system. Companies can choose whether they want to manufacture sub-assemblies as a separate process or as part of building the end item. Labor, Machine Time and additional costs can be added as a fixed or variable charge. Gravity’s BOM solution simplifies the process of managing raw materials and finished goods. You’ll have real-time insights of quantities on hand, quantities committed to manufacturing and quantities being purchased.


Gravity’s cloud-based accounting solution allows you to:

  • Create Multi-Level Bill of Materials
  • Define Routing steps for each line on the BOM
  • Define Design Quantity and Scrap Percentages for each Item added to the BOM
  • Enter a Fixed or Variable Labor or Machine Time on the BOM.
  • Determine whether each Sub-assembly will be Manufactured, pulled from Stock or Manufactured if there is insufficient Stock
  • Use Multiple Item Locations in BOM
  • Add Detailed Comments for each Line of the BOM
  • Manage BOM Status, Pending / Active / Obsolete
  • Assemble BOM into Final Products.
  • Review Item Shortages on Assembly.
  • Assign Serial or Lot Numbers to Items Consumed or Built in Assembly
  • Commit Item Quantities to Assembly
  • Report Item Usage when Completing an Assembly

Gravity’s online accounting solution is built on the Microsoft Power Platform (aka Dynamics 365). An open platform that hosts over 4 million users worldwide. Gravity’s BOM allows you to track stock movements, lot and serial numbers to avoid overstock or under-stock inventory items.  Gravity fills the gap between entry level accounting solutions like QuickBooks and expensive enterprise applications. Learn more and schedule your Gravity online demo today.

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