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Simplify multi-company accounting

Gravity Software is perfect for mid-sized companies with multiple entities that have outgrown QuickBooks or other entry-level solutions.

Because it's built on the Microsoft Power Platform, Gravity users benefit from investments in the most advanced technology, including new features using AI and automation, and enterprise-level security.

In this 60-minute personalized demo, you'll discover how to:

  • Manage multi-company transactions in one database
  • Pay bills in a fraction of the time with AI-powered invoice processing
  • Detect fraud more efficiently with faster bank reconciliation
  • Get paid faster with a new customer payment portal
  • Do business globally with automatic currency conversions and real-time exchange rate updates...

and much more.

See why Gravity is the preferred accounting software for family offices, franchises, healthcare organizations, investment and holding companies, and many other industries.

[Gravity has] changed our reporting timetable massively. We can spin out (consolidated reports) very quickly. You also removed working time from not having to log in and out of entities. With Gravity, you just select the entity you want to look at and carry on working. If you’re doing customer invoicing, it’s seamless.”
Shila Singh, Head of Finance
British Institute of Innkeeping

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