Bill of Materials for Light Manufacturing

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Easily assemble products and manage production


  • Generate multi-level Bill of Materials:  Define routing steps, quantities, and scrappage for each item within a comprehensive multi-level BOM structure.
  • Customer labor and machine time:  Easily input fixed or variable labor and machine time to accurately reflect productions costs


  • Manage Sub-Assembly Manufacturing: Determine whether sub-assemblies are to be produced separately, sourced from multiple locations, or manufactured on-demand.
  • Streamlined Inventory Control: Effortlessly track components required for production, ensuring efficient stock management across multiple locations.


  • Final Product Assembly: Seamlessly assemble components according to the BOM, with real-time visibility into shortages and inventory status.
  • Serial and Lot Assignment: Assign serial numbers or lot numbers to assembled products for enhanced traceability and quality control.

A powerful solution for light manufacturing

Gravity Software's Bill of Materials (BOM) streamlines the assembly process for distributors and light manufacturers by offering a versatile multi-level BOM functionality. This system empowers organizations to effortlessly compile various components into finished products without the complexity associated with comprehensive manufacturing systems.

With Gravity's BOM, companies have the flexibility to decide whether to produce sub-assemblies separately or integrate them into the final product assembly. They can seamlessly incorporate labor, machine time, and additional costs either as fixed or variable charges, tailoring the process to suit their specific needs.

This solution simplifies the management of raw materials and finished goods by providing real-time insights into inventory levels, including quantities on hand, quantities committed to manufacturing, and quantities being procured. This ensures efficient inventory management and enables informed decision-making throughout the production process.



"Gravity perfectly fills the niche of the untapped middle market of accounting software. You get many features from an ERP solution but at a price comparable to QuickBooks. If I could tell others in the technology industry about Gravity, I would without hesitation."

Daniel Rodriguez, Director of Finance

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