Construction Accounting Software

Cloud-based construction accounting software solutions make it easy to access your accounting system in a secure environment from anywhere. Projects in construction vary in size, scope, materials and labor, and business owners and managers need in-depth, job-specific financial data for each project. This is where Gravity can help.

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Manage jobs, time and billing

Better job costing helps you be more profitable

Personalized fields allow you to easily capture and estimate the true costs of your projects so you can always stay on budget and maximize profitability. 

Stop wasting time creating billing forms

Gravity Software can automatically generate AIA billing forms so you can spend less time filling in fields and more time getting paid.

Streamline processes for maximum efficiency

Sync accounts payable with the rest of your operation and use our cloud-based system to give project managers access to financial data on-site, helping them cut costs and increase profits.


Why Gravity for Construction?

Gravity Software's accounting solution for construction companies assists contractors, subcontractors, and specialty contractors in automating and streamlining their accounting, job costing, billing, resource planning, document management, and reporting needs. Providing a single platform for accounting and job costing, companies can get a full picture of job performance and cash flow.


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"With the strong controls in Gravity, I am able to require a region to be filled in on any transaction associated with a general ledger account and report on it. A single entry allows me to post entries to the region, job and work type. We have been able to grow our business by 300% with Gravity because we have all the details to manage the business."

Patti Coleman
Coleman Fire Protection, LLC

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Accounts Receivable

Easily generate an accounts receivable invoice from a job and create standard reports by job. Payment

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Dimensional Reporting

Use advanced reporting features to analyze your business and find new, cost-effective ways to deliver outstanding projects for your clients.

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Purchase Order

Our job costing system makes it easy to add control and accuracy to your purchasing of inventory, expenses and service items to update your committed costs.

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Why is Gravity the best accounting software for construction?

Many general contractors operate under the AIA billing format, and Gravity Software makes it easy to generate these forms by automatically populating fields with data stored within your accounting system. We reduce the time it takes to create these forms so you can focus less on paperwork and more on getting paid.

What is construction accounting software?

Construction accounting software makes it easy to access your financial data in a secure environment from anywhere — keeping your accounting team agile and efficient. Projects in construction vary in size, scope, materials and labor, and business owners and managers need in-depth, job-specific financial data for each project. The right software solution can help.

Why is QuickBooks not good for construction?

While QuickBooks provides basic, easy-to-use functionality that might work well for a small contractor, however it falls short in its complete job-costing capabilities and inefficiency in record-keeping between multiple companies operated by the same parent.

What is job costing in construction accounting?

Job costing involves calculating the actual costs of working on a construction project — taking all aspects of the job and breaking it down into smaller tasks by cost. Having better job costing capabilities is the first step to ensuring every project you complete benefits your bottom line.