Scale your accounting with the Microsoft Power Platform

Don’t let your accounting software define your workflow. Experience the power of personalization.

Many accounting software solutions limit the way you work with a rigid structure that feels too much like the spreadsheets you left behind.

Gravity is a true cloud accounting software solution built natively on the Microsoft Power Platform. That means your team benefits from all the security and availability of a Microsoft data center, with endless flexibility to personalize it for the way you work.

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A powerful platform with only one database to manage for all your applications


Power Automate

Boost productivity across your entire organization by automating your business processes.

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Complete transparency into every transaction, who made them and when, with a full audit trail.

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Gravity Software integrates with popular apps for CRM, Data Analytics, Inventory, Productivity, Marketing, Billing and more.

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More powerful together

Gravity Software is written on the Microsoft Power Platform (aka Dynamics 365), which is developed and maintained by Microsoft in the Azure data center that hosts over 16 million users in data centers around the world.

The Microsoft Power Platform provides out of the box integration to many key business tools like Office 365, Power Automate, Power BI and hundreds of other apps. Gravity Software’s cloud accounting app provides users with the best innovative technology, most reliable applications with advanced functionality to help their businesses grow faster.

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Create your own workflows, without a developer

The Microsoft Power Platform is a combination of tools that let you easily add fields, create automated workflows, and personalize your dashboards to keep track of the data that matters most to your company.


Get IT’s stamp of approval

Gravity is built in Microsoft’s cloud technology with best-in-class security protections. That includes single sign-on, multi-factor authentication and Zero Trust access control. You'll also maintain business continuity with the platform's 99.999% availability and data redundancy.


Avoid hidden fees

If you’re using another software that isn’t cloud-native, you could spend tens of thousands of dollars upgrading to the latest version. The Microsoft Power Platform covers data hosting and includes all the functionality you’d expect, from business intelligence to billing.


Collaborate with the apps your team knows and loves

Whether you’re using Google Workspace, Microsoft Office 365, or other applications, Gravity integrates seamlessly so there’s no disruption to your workflow. And with Gravity’s business intelligence and advanced reporting, you can share more insights with your leadership team, including operations, marketing and sales.


A seamless transition for your team

As a cloud-native Microsoft accounting software, Gravity is easy to implement, with an average timeline of just six - eight weeks. Our team has a proven track record of supporting companies of all sizes through the process, including planning, gathering data, training your team, and converting your data.


A price that’s just right

Gravity is the best accounting software for medium-sized businesses with multiple entities, and it’s built to scale as your business grows. Our Starter package is just $250 per month for the first user, and you can easily add users at an affordable price. And if you’re already using Microsoft Power Apps, you can save $20 a month.

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