Accounting Services For Subscription-Based Companies

While subscription billing brings predictable revenue and greater customer lifetime value, it also creates unique accounting challenges. Subscription-based companies have a wide range of pricing models, multiple entities and the need to comply with GAAP revenue recognition standards. See how our subscription billing software makes it easy to define payment schedules and automate revenue recognition.  

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Deliver superior service with the flexibility you depend on

Manage billing cycles with your business in mind

Manage client contracts, define billing cycles and renewals, and automate future invoices and customer payments.

Increase efficiency while maintaining standards

Reliable and accurate financial statements for revenue and expenses in the periods they are earned.

Enable deeper customer insights

Integrate Gravity with powerful Microsoft Sales and Marketing apps to manage the complete customer lifecycle Lead to Cash and all the steps in between.


Why Gravity for Subscription-Based companies?

From SaaS (software as a service) to XaaS (anything as a service), to gym memberships to monthly lifestyle boxes, and everything in between, Gravity makes it easy to manage all aspects of your client billing cycles from end to end.

Gravity allows you to define contract details such as annual and monthly charges, escalations and payment processes, recognize revenue and expenses in the period they're earned, process payments, and even manage inventory across locations. Gravity streamlines the accounting process for subscription-based companies giving you time to focus on retaining clients and increasing profitability.



"Gravity perfectly fills the niche of the untapped middle market of accounting software. You get many features from an ERP solution but at a price comparable to QuickBooks. If I could tell others in the technology industry about Gravity, I would without hesitation."

Daniel Rodriguez, Director of Finance

More ways to move your subscription business forward


Subscription Billing

Reduce costs associated with managing client contracts by defining payment schedules and frequency.

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Revenue Recognition

Create deferral schedules automatically based on recognition templates.

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Inventory Management

Track, control and manage your inventory from multiple warehouses or locations.

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Accounting resources for subscription-based companies

While the recurring revenue that comes with subscription-based businesses can add stability, it can also add complexities if you frequently have...
You could say subscription billing companies are having a moment.
The concepts of cloud computing and cloud-based software have become so ubiquitous that the true meaning of these terms has become a bit clouded.

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What makes accounting for subscription-based companies unique?

Streamlining the accounting process for subscription-based companies gives you time to focus on retaining clients and increasing profitability. Managing multiple client contracts can bog your company down if your accounting software can’t keep up. Accounting services for subscription-based companies will help you define payment schedules and frequency, as well as create deferral schedules, and track, control and manage your inventory at multiple locations all in one place.

How do you record subscription revenue?

Subscription revenue is recorded in the period it is earned. With the proper software, you can model each subscription once and define monthly, quarterly or annual charges. You can even define rate escalations and automatically process a payment. Once a subscription is defined, you’re done, and recurring invoices and payments are automatically processed.