Integrated Budgeting Software

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Budgeting Software

Work with Excel

You can copy and paste budgets from Excel into Gravity’s Budgeting Software without re-entering a single number.

Forecast with confidence

Make better informed decisions to accomplish your goals. You can have multiple budgets in the same period.

Report on budgets and variances

Track your budgets to actuals, and report across multiple companies to keep track of your company's financial performance.


Cloud accounting budgeting software

Use Excel as the environment for creating your budgets, slice and dice your data, and aggregate spreadsheets from multiple departments into one master sheet.

Copy and paste your budgets from Excel into Gravity's Budget grid and create your financial budgets with ease.



“The ability to create and prepare reports that roll up all 17 of our separate companies with ease. Working remotely, especially during the pandemic has been phenomenal! In fact, although I contracted Covid, I was able to continue with my job and it was a saving factor!”

Robert Everman, CEO
Onefire Holding Co.

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Multi-entity consolidated financials

Easily produce consolidated financials across all your companies with only one database to manage.

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Segmented Chart of Accounts

Define what your companies reporting structure will be. Whether its departments, profit centers, or divisions.

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Interactive reports - Power BI

Explore data with stunning and interactive reports in seconds so you're ready to make timely decisions.

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Resources to power your business

Can you use QuickBooks for multiple entities? While it's technically possible, you're likely to experience a lot of frustration as your organization...

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