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Top 3 accounting challenges for contractors and how to overcome them

Most contractors feel more comfortable getting their hands dirty on a job site than they do in a back-office...

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Healthcare organizations: How to get past financial reporting limitations of your accounting software

The coronavirus pandemic has turned the healthcare industry on its head. At a time when public health is being...

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Leaving Dynamics GP? You have options!

For all those businesses operating on Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly known as Great Plains), if you find...

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What is an audit trail and when might you need it?

Accounting software serves many functions, including ensuring regulatory compliance, projecting a company’s...

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Why centralizing data is key to improving critical business operations

Data is king, and organizations of all sizes spend significant time and resources capturing, storing and analyzing...

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Create Your Own Commercial Videos

Posters. Flyers. Strategically placed billboards. Then came commercials, groundbreaking, catchy and memorable,...

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What you need to know about moving your financials to a 100% cloud environment

Cloud-based systems have become widely used in recent years because of the convenience, flexibility and capabilities...

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5 things you can do to build trust with employees and customers

During periods of uncertainty, whether due to a healthcare crisis, major stock market fluctuation or some other kind...

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Accounting data security: 9 tips to prevent embezzlement

Many small and medium-size business leaders think of embezzlement only as a thing they read in newspaper...

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Outgrown QuickBooks Online? 4 Reasons to Change!

Like most companies, you decided to use QuickBooks. Now fast forward a few years, hundreds of clients,...

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