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Streamline analytics in real-time with Microsoft Power BI

Monitor data

Monitor important data throughout your organization including all the apps you depend on and connect to hundreds of data sources.

Interactive reports

Explore data with stunning and interactive reports in seconds so you're ready to make timely decisions.

Seamless connection

Gravity Software is natively built on the Microsoft Power Platform and seamlessly integrates with Power BI.


Rich visual behind the scenes information

Microsoft Power BI is an easy to use, inexpensive Business Intelligence tool that lets you create powerful dashboards quickly. Capture every accounting and operational transaction the way you want to see it. Gravity Software and Power BI combined, gives you an arsenal of analytics tools that provides real-time dashboards and reporting capabilities. Start making more informed decisions and interact with data that is important to your business.

Gravity Software Microsoft Power BI Dashboards



"Intercompany transactions. On a single JE, Gravity automates the other half of the transaction for you. No more cutting and pasting Consolidated financials every Month. Power BI Dashboard shows your position in real-time."

Scott Miller, VP of Operations
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Manage your company’s entities or subsidiaries in one system without logging in and out of other databases.

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Personalized dashboards for quick access to key data in real-time.

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Microsoft Power Automate

Turn your redundant tasks into automated efficient workflow processes.

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