Requisition management

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Simplify Purchase Order approvals

User-friendly interface

Accessible across all devices - including PCs, tablets, and mobile phones - our user-friendly web portal simplifies requisition creation.

Approval workflows

Tailor approval workflows with our configurable system, for both single and multi-level approvals. Our platform allows for dynamic approval routing based on entity, department, budget and user-defined limits.

Approval types

Approvals can be routed to one or more users and can be performed as:

  • One approval
  • Sequential approval
  • Parallel approval

Purchase Order Requistion

Gravity Software's Requisition Management module is a comprehensive solution that enables users to streamline the procurement process through a user-friendly portal accessible via web browsers on PCs or mobile devices. The module facilitates the creation of requisitions for materials, which seamlessly flow to Gravity Purchasing users for consolidation into one or more Purchase Orders sent to suppliers.


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