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Move your mission forward

Demonstrate the value you bring to your community

Comprehensive financial reports make it easy to show donors and other stakeholders critical finances that help your organization create positive change.

Improve operational efficiency with better insights

Easily track expenses and use business intelligence tools to find new ways to reduce costs and put more resources toward your end goal – no technical expertise needed.

Foster transparency and integrity throughout your organization

A full audit trail allows you to track every transaction so you can meet regulatory compliance and ensure finances are being used to deliver on your mission.


Why Gravity for Nonprofits?

Gravity Software’s cloud accounting software for nonprofits can manage your fund accounting needs with the ability to segment funds and manage them independently with a complete view of your financial health. Nonprofit organizations can manage their daily operations with Gravity’s general ledger, receivables, payables and bank book management capabilities. Gravity's nonprofit accounting software also provides a Full Audit Trail that enables you to track changes in data for security and analytic purposes. Not to mention that a full audit trail protects your nonprofit organization against fraud and drives home accountability.


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Track funds from donors, foundation grants, government-originated grants and more with dashboards that provide comprehensive visibility into your financial health.

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Bank Book Management

Keep track of funds across all your bank accounts and remain in control of payments and transactions.

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Reconcile all of your financial data and get a complete picture of your nonprofit's financials without logging in and out of other databases.

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What are the key accounting features and functionalities of Gravity Software specific to nonprofits?

Gravity's nonprofit accounting software makes it easy for organizations to manage multiple entities or funds within a single database. Finance directors, accountants or business administrators can disburse funding from the parent organization to smaller charities or programs they support, manage accounts payable, match internal records with bank account entries for faster bank reconciliation, and create consolidated reports for donors and board members in minutes. A full audit trail of all transactions enhances accountability and transparency. Your team can also access robust business intelligence through Microsoft Power BI. Built on the Microsoft Power Platform, Gravity integrates natively with the programs your nonprofit likely already uses, such as the CRM, Office 365, Microsoft Teams and Excel.

Can Gravity's nonprofit accounting software handle fund accounting and track restricted and unrestricted funds?

Separating restricted funds from unrestricted funds is important to donors who want to make sure their money supports the causes they care about most. With Gravity, you can manage restricted funds as individual entities. Each fund can share information like vendors and donors while keeping donations and expenses for restricted funds separate. 

How does Gravity Software assist with managing grants, donations, and fundraising activities?

Gravity Software helps organizations track funds and donations from many sources in a single system. Its multi-dimensional reporting and budgeting features can also be beneficial, allowing you to establish different categories for certain campaigns or programs and classify expenses and donations accordingly. You can quickly provide status updates to board members on how close you are to achieving fundraising goals for a specific campaign with easy-to-create dashboards and charts. 

Can Gravity generate comprehensive financial statements and reports required for nonprofit organizations, such as Statement of Activities and Statement of Financial Position?

Gravity Software can generate comprehensive financial reports required for nonprofit organizations, including the Statement of Activities and the Statement of Financial Position. These reports provide an overview of an organization's financial performance and position, assisting in budgeting, decision-making, and demonstrating transparency to stakeholders.

How does Gravity Software facilitate compliance with accounting regulations specific to nonprofits, such as the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) guidelines?

Gravity Software is designed to facilitate compliance with accounting regulations specific to nonprofits, including guidelines set by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB). It helps organizations adhere to accounting standards, including Generally Accepted Accounting Principals (GAAP) by maintaining accurate records and meet reporting requirements.

Can Gravity Software for nonprofits handle multiple currencies, if the organization operates internationally?

For nonprofits operating internationally, Gravity Software can handle multiple currencies. This functionality allows organizations to manage financial transactions, donations, and grants in different currencies, simplifying the accounting process and ensuring accuracy in reporting.

Is Gravity capable of generating reports for board members and stakeholders to demonstrate financial transparency and accountability?

Gravity makes it easy to generate reports specifically tailored for board members and stakeholders. These reports demonstrate financial transparency and accountability by providing insights into an organization's financial performance, budget utilization, and overall financial health.

Does Gravity offer discounted pricing for nonprofits?

Gravity is proud to support nonprofit organizations. In addition to our team’s personal contributions to several nonprofits, we offer a substantial discount for nonprofit users, starting at just $180 per month. Organizations can easily add expanded functionality for $75 a month or add new users as needed for just $110 a month. You can also add limited users or users with read-only access, such as board members, for a nominal fee.