Franchise Accounting Software 

As a franchise owner, you need franchise accounting software that is easy to use both in the office and on the run. Multi-entity accounting software enables you to view and manage all of your companies from a single interface, saving you time and helping your company operate more efficiently.

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Expand your empire

Unite all your financials in one place

Establish multiple legal entities in a single database, allowing you to manage financials across your entire franchise network and perform data consolidations in real-time.

Multi-location inventory helps drive efficiency

Track, control and manage inventory at every location from one easy-to-use interface, allowing you to create efficiencies and reduce costs.

Dimensional reporting allows you to keep tabs on your unique financials

Tag every transaction with dimension codes to make budgeting and financial analysis easier and faster than ever.


Why Gravity for Franchises?

Franchisees often struggle with managing multiple companies and need an easily way to view consolidated financials and drill-down to analyze each entity’s or franchise location’s financial performance. You can build dashboards to spot trends at a glance. Most franchisees have their own Point of Sale (POS) solution that handles their front office and inventory needs. Gravity Software is built on the Microsoft Power Platform, an open platform to allow for easy integration.



"Because we don’t need to hire somebody else for data entry, there’s more money to give (the team) raises to keep them engaged. They don’t feel like their talents are being wasted.”

Stephanie Wellborn, Accounts Payable Administrator
The Sunray Companies

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Oversee the financial performance of each franchise entity with Gravity Software’s Multi-Entity capabilities. Financial reports can be created for multiple franchise locations; consolidations are simple to create and inter-company entries can be easily made in one screen.

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Purchase Order

Automate your purchasing so you can spend less time on manual tasks and more time helping your franchises succeed.

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Segmented Chart of Accounts

Define your company’s account structure by using one main account number or a more sophisticated segmented structure for multiple locations.

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What is franchise accounting?

In franchise accounting, a franchisee owns an individual franchise location or locations, and they operate the franchise under the guidelines the franchisor sets. Buying a franchise may help grow the business faster because of the recognizable brand, but you don’t get to make overall business decisions.

What makes franchise accounting unique?

When you’re expanding your franchise to multiple locations, it’s important to have real-time financial data at your fingertips. Using franchise accounting software that has robust visual dashboards will make it easy to review and analyze the financial performance of all companies in your enterprise.

How to manage multi-location inventory?

For a franchise with multi-location inventory, consider franchise accounting software that has a built-in inventory management system. This will make it easier to track inventory against sales because all data will be stored in a single database. The end result is greater efficiency for your accounting team.