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Stay on top of payables with automated processes

Efficency in bill processing integration with Gravity's cloud accounting software automates the process of receiving, approving, and paying bills. This streamlines the entire workflow, reducing manual data entry and administrative overhead. Users can easily track the status of bills, set up automated approval workflows, and schedule payments, saving valuable time and resources.

Enhanced financial visibility

By combining's bill management capabilities with Gravity's accounting software, users gain comprehensive financial visibility across multiple entities. They can access real-time data on outstanding bills, payment statuses, and cash flow, enabling better decision-making and financial planning. The integration ensures that financial information is accurately synchronized between the two platforms, providing a holistic view of the organization's financial health.

Improved audit trail and compliance

The integration between and Gravity's cloud accounting software strengthens audit trail capabilities and enhances compliance with regulatory requirements. Every bill, approval, and payment transaction is recorded and tracked within the system, creating a transparent and easily auditable trail. This level of documentation and compliance support helps businesses maintain financial accuracy, mitigate risks, and adhere to industry standards and regulations.


Gravity's automatic sync with seamlessly integrates with Gravity Software's cloud accounting software to streamline bill processing. Through this integration, users can sync data between the two platforms, allowing for efficient management of bills, invoices, and payments across multiple entities. This collaboration ensures accurate financial tracking and enhances overall workflow efficiency for businesses utilizing both solutions.



“Gravity streamlined our workflow process and consolidated all of our companies into one user-friendly database, and because of this, we did not need to hire another accountant.”

Rette Rankin, Controller
InDevCo, Inc.

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