Advanced Functionality

Enhancements to meet the specific needs of your business


ACH Payment Processing

Gravity's ACH direct deposit feature, effortlessly transfer funds to your recipient's bank account by providing the routing and account number, eliminating any hassle for your recipients.

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AP Automation

Revolutionize your AP processes with AI-Powered technology..

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Fixed Assets

A complete picture of your Asset information, with the ability to track multiple assets across multiple sets of books.

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Job Costing

Optimize cash flow, manage expenditures, and enhance profitability for your projects or services.

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Payment Portal

Payment Portal

Automate your payment processes and accept payments through a secure payment gateway.

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Requisition Management

Streamline the procurement process through user-friendly requisition portal.

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Revenue Recognition

Recognize revenue from sales or services in accordance with accounting standards.

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Subscription Billing

Reduce costs associated with managing client contracts by defining payment schedules and frequency.

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"I first came across Gravity when our company only had about 20 entities. As our business continued to grow, I was working inefficiently to successfully keep up with each entity in QuickBooks, I was logging in and out of programs, wasting valuable time on the program alone. It came to the point where I almost hired another accountant to help with all of the financials. We needed a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), web-based system that could handle our growing portfolio, and selecting Gravity Software saved the day."

Rette Rankin, Controller
InDevCo, Inc.

What you need, when you need it

Gravity Software is developed on the Microsoft Power Platform, an open platform that gives users the ability to select which modules they want to include for their business. For example, a company can choose accounting from Gravity Software, Sales & Customer Service from Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, Field Service from a 3rd party, and much more. Gravity Software’s powerful combination of tools and applications provides invaluable functionality that helps companies maximize the operational efficiency of their people. Simply add on what you need now, or in the future, based on your business needs today.


Resources to power your business

Can you use QuickBooks for multiple entities? While it's technically possible, you're likely to experience a lot of frustration as your organization...

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