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Gravity Software is the first online business management application exclusively written for smart businesses. More than just accounting, Gravity provides you with the necessary tools and processes to help your business grow. Gravity gets results, not just numbers.



Advanced Financial

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Bank Book Management

Bill of Materials & Assembly


Data Transparency

Import Function

Investment Management

Inventory Management

Payables Management

Payroll Import

Power Platform



Purchase Order Management


Receivables Management

Reporting Structure


Advanced Functionality

AP Automation with AI Technology

Fixed Assets

Job Costing

Revenue Recognition

Subscription Billing

Time and Billing


Accounts Payable - Payment Processing

Jet Reports - Financial Reporting Tool inside Excel

Power BI Dashboards - Business Intelligence

Teams Communications and Collaboration

QuickBooks Online Comparisons


Approximately 29 million businesses are already utilizing QuickBooks. However, as businesses expand, their requirements surpass what QuickBooks can offer in terms of features and functionality.

Recognizing a gap in the mid-market, Gravity Software emerged. Many businesses in this segment were compelled to upgrade to costly ERP solutions such as Sage Intacct or NetSuite. The exorbitant prices of these ERPs often force QuickBooks users to persist with their current application while incorporating third-party applications to manage their business processes. Consequently, databases proliferate, and the chaos of month-end procedures ensues.

A significant 76% of our clientele transition from QuickBooks due to Gravity's robust multi-company accounting feature. The inefficiencies stemming from time-consuming and redundant data entry swiftly become apparent, particularly for accountants already grappling with the day-to-day operations of multiple entities. If your business finds itself in a position where it has outgrown QuickBooks or is reliant on a similar outdated accounting system, Gravity Software offers a compelling alternative to costly enterprise applications.

QuickBooks Online Dashboard Comparison

QuickBooks Online Journal Entry Comparison

QuickBooks Online Allocation Expense Comparison

QuickBooks Online Multi-Entity Setup and Transactions Comparison

Gravity Software gives users the ability to manage multiple companies in one database. Easily choose companies to work in without having to login and logout of your database. You can’t do that in QuickBooks Online. Gravity also provides the ability to manage the “Due-To’s” and “Due-From’s”. Easily distribute expenses between 10, 12, 15 or more different companies. Gravity actually has more features and more functionality than QuickBooks Online.


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