Fully Integrated Financials

Track, measure and enhance your business with intuitive and efficient financial accounting


Accounts Payable

Save time with automated payables processes to effectively manage vendor invoices and payments.

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Accounts Receivable

Efficiently track and manage customer invoices and get paid faster.

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Bank Book Management

Automatically reconcile bank statements across multiple bank accounts.

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Copy and paste budgets from Excel to Gravity's budget grid for real-time forecasting.

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General Ledger

Flexible and multi-dimensional records for all your financial transactions.

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Investment Management

Manage investments and assets to gain control of your portfolio across your private companies

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Simplified reporting and transaction processing across multiple currencies.

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Manage your company’s entities or subsidiaries in one system without logging in and out of databases.

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"Gravity Software has been a lifesaver for me, I’m 100% in its camp. It’s so much easier, so much better and so much more efficient. The dashboard is very functional and easy to navigate. The service from the Gravity team is exceptional and beyond the norm. When they say they want to be a partner, they truly mean it and have shown it to me in remarkable ways!"

Robert Everman, CEO
Onefire Holding Co.

Powerful core financial solution

Gravity Software provides an efficient, intuitive cloud-based accounting solution that changes your business from a manual, daily grind to a streamlined, automated operation. With access to comprehensive financial information and real-time data insights, Gravity empowers you to make better and smarter decisions so you can grow your business faster.


Resources to power your business

Can you use QuickBooks for multiple entities? While it's technically possible, you're likely to experience a lot of frustration as your organization...

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