Purchase Order Management

Total control and accuracy over purchasing of inventory and non-inventory items

Automated Approvals

Workflow engines help establish an approval process before purchases are made.

Vendor Management

Provide a platform for documenting the best vendor price, terms and delivery times.

Quality Control

Know exactly who received inspected and approved every order to ensure items are received in good condition.


Promote efficiency with a solid Purchase Order system

Add control and accuracy to your company’s purchasing of Inventory, Expenses and Service items. Purchase Orders help reduce costs while improving communication with vendors to ensure the correct items are purchased at the correct price. Growing businesses can process and manage vendor price points, help drive quantity discounts, save on shipping costs and much more.

Gravity Software | Purchase Order Management Capabilities



"Gravity perfectly fills the niche of the untapped middle market of accounting software. You get many features from an ERP solution but at a price comparable to QuickBooks. If I could tell others in the technology industry about Gravity, I would without hesitation."

Daniel Rodriguez, Director of Finance

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Manage your company’s entities or subsidiaries in one system without logging in and out of other databases.

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Track, control and manage your inventory from multiple warehouses or locations.

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Dimensional Reporting

User-defined codes to track, manage and see your results any way you want to.

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