Privacy Policy

Effective March 30, 2020

The information contained in this privacy policy refers to both the Gravity Software, LLC websites (this site and our blog) as well as the Gravity Software’s cloud accounting solution which is in use on this site. Gravity Software takes privacy very seriously and is committed to the following:

Educating business to become smarter with online business management solutions.

The Gravity Software solution uses a cookie to track visitor activity on our web sites. We use this information to improve the content of our sites as well as to provide visitors with a more relevant overall experience with our organization and our site. As mentioned earlier, we never share information you provide us with third parties. If you do not want this site to place a cookie on your browser and track your activity, you may leave the site or you may browse the site using privacy mode in your web browser. To learn how to use privacy mode refer to the links below depending on the browser you use.

If you fill out a web form on this site your information will be stored in our Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE (aka Microsoft CRM) system and some amount of your past browsing on this site may be available to our staff to determine your interests so we may more effectively engage with you and so we may improve our site. However, if you use private browsing as described above, you may provide us your information without making your past browsing activity available to us. If you do not wish for us to have your personal information please do not fill out any of the web forms on this site.

If you opt-in to our newsletter or any of our other marketing emails, clicking on a link in any of these emails may cause you to be personally identified on our site and may cause some part of your past browsing history on our site to be available to our staff to determine your interests so we may more effectively engage with you and so we may improve our site. If you do not wish for this tracking to occur you can unsubscribe from our mailings or use private browsing mode to avoid tracking.

Click here to read our Web Tracking and Privacy paper. This paper uses simple language to explain the various web tracking techniques that can be used and the privacy implications of each. We take a 'white hat' approach to tracking and never use techniques designed to trick the visitor or share their identification with other sites.

  • Never sharing the data you provide to us with anyone

  • Never with third parties

  • Never with other websites (e.g. for the purpose of identifying you across unaffiliated websites)

  • Never with anyone outside our company – period

Only emailing you if you have opted in to received our emails

Gravity Software employs a 100% permission based email program. You may opt-in to our monthly newsletter by going to Each edition of our newsletter contains a clearly marked unsubscribe link so you may request to be permanently removed from future mailings.

Making it easy for you to opt-out/unsubscribe from emails

Each email sent from Gravity Software using an Email Marketing solution provides a clear unsubscribe link which will immediately remove you from any or all of our mailings as you specify

Using only permission based web tracking technologies

Gravity Software uses HTML browser cookies in our web tracking technology. This means that visitors to our site are easily able to set their browsers to reject cookies and are easily able to delete cookies set by us and others. For example, to set the Internet Explorer browser to reject cookies go to Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Settings and select the privacy level (using the slider bar) that you prefer. To delete cookies in Internet Explorer, go to Tools > Internet Options > General > Browsing History and click the Delete button then select the cookies option.

Gravity Software never stores any information in your computer’s Flash local shared objects area (i.e. we never use what is known as ‘flash cookies’).

Gravity Software never uses visitor identification techniques that involve sharing information you provide us with other sites or vice versa.