Accounts Receivable

Get paid faster

Collections management

Real-time insights dashboard to better manage money due and improve cashflow.

Simplified invoice creation

Create invoices with a single click from an opportunity, quote or sales order.

Automate inter-company billing

Configurable workflows to streamline receivables across all your businesses.


Visibility to keep you on top

Gravity Software’s Accounts Receivable functionality lets you automate your billing processes and provides complete visibility across all your organizations. Track customer aging, invoices, recurring revenue, subscriptions and much more. Gravity has integrated credit card and ACH processing from multiple payment processors. Speed up collections and start making more informed decisions.

Gravity Software - Receivables Management



"Month-end and year-end audits are a breeze now, thanks to consolidated financial reports with just one database to manage. We no longer have to explain to our auditor how to manage our multiple programs."

Daniel Rodriguez, Director of Finance

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Manage your company’s entities or subsidiaries in one system without logging in and out of other databases.

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Subscription Billing

Automate repetitive and contract invoices and customer payment processing.

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Revenue Recognition

Create deferral schedules automatically based on recognition templates.

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