Advanced Financial Reporting

Define, track and see results any way you want to

Real-time analytics

Search data across your system to export into Excel using the Advanced Find & Global Search features.

One centralized database

Manage all company financials in one centralized location quickly and efficiently. Each entity can have its own or consolidated reports.

Simple dimensional reporting

Categorize data by events, job, projects or any other factor that’s important to you. Easily track Dimensions on every transaction.


The power to make more informed decisions

Having real-time data gives you a more accurate assessment of your current financials so you can adjust your strategies accordingly. Instead of waiting for reporting to be compiled, or using outdated information, you can utilize reports to respond as quickly as possible to the latest developments in your business.


"Gravity has completely simplified our business processes ,and other organizations that manage multiple companies surely could benefit from their multi-entity features, reporting capabilities and customizable dashboards."

Rette Rankin, Controller
InDevCo, Inc.

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Manage your company’s entities or subsidiaries in one system without logging in and out of other databases.

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Business Intelligence

Integrated business intelligence using Microsoft Power BI giving your team a dashboard worth 1,000 reports.

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Microsoft Power Automate

Connect Gravity to your outside applications, unifying all your information in one place.

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