Effective Time Tracking and Accurate Billing

Gravity’s Time and Billing module is an easy, cost-effective way to track time and expenses to jobs or projects. With Gravity’s cloud application, employees are able to access time entry any time and any place they need it. With sophisticated billing structures, you can quickly and accurately prepare customer invoices. Whether your project is time and materials, fixed fee or cost plus, Gravity can make billing as easy one click.

Project Task Gantt Dashboard Display

Gravity’s time and billing provides quick project task Gantt and Resource scheduling. Connect tasks and resources so you can quickly identify bottlenecks and optimize employee productivity. By properly planning your resources you can eliminate downtime and improve leveling the workload across multiple resources. Using simple color coding you can quickly spot issues before they become problems.

Job Scheduling & Resource Calendaring

With Gravity you can easily see a company-wide view of project tasks for easy scheduling and rescheduling using Gravity’s Job Scheduling & Resource Calendaring system. You can easily maximize resource productivity while ensuring jobs are completed on time. Employees can easily see their schedule in a calendar view and drill in to see task details.

Time and Billing Dashboards

Gravity’s comprehensive dashboards allow you to visualize the status of jobs, tasks and resources giving you the ability to quickly spot issues and trends while allowing you to visualize your day-to-day work situation at a glance. Gravity allows you to quickly create your own dashboards while ensuring they are relevant to your specific position and job duties.

Time Posting

Creating time and expense entries are easy in Gravity. Besides time, employees can enter internal and external notes and even note the percentage of completion they are with a given task. Expenses can even be flagged as reimbursable so that once they get approved, vouchers can be automatically created to reimburse the employees.

Gravity makes it easy and efficient to track time and expenses to projects and bill customers as needed. In Gravity everything is real-time, so you know exactly where you stand on a project, no guessing what the numbers are going to look like. Gravity Time and Billing is part of the complete Gravity suite of finance and accounting modules.

Key Benefits include:

  • Built on the open Microsoft Dynamics 365 Platform
  • Easy-to-Use Project and Task Management
  • Innovative Resource Scheduling and Calendaring
  • Flexible Billing Rate and Costing
  • Comprehensive Accounting and Business Controls
  • Insightful Practice Reporting and Analysis

Gravity provides a robust cloud-based accounting solution for growing businesses. Gravity is written on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 (aka Microsoft CRM) platform, a platform that hosts over 4 million users worldwide. Now you can manage your Time and Billing resources and automate your billings through Gravity’s business financials. Gravity helps companies grow by unlocking information and reducing friction. And with real-time insights into all lines of business, Gravity promotes better decisions made by management, investors and others. Learn more about Gravity and schedule your online demo today. My business is connected. Is yours?