AP Automation with AI Technology

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Revolutionize your accounts payable processes

Process invoices faster

Use AI to extract relevant data from invoices, such as vendor information, invoice date, and line items.  

Improve efficiency and accuracy

Reduce manual data entry and processing time with machine learning algorithms that can learn from historical data.

Simplify approvals

Configure approval workflows to manage your internal processes and provide audit-ready approval documentation.


See our new AP automation features in action

Gravity's Accounts Payable (AP) automation with AI technology enhances accuracy, cost-effectiveness and efficiency while reducing manual intervention and the risk of human errors.

Let your finance teams focus on strategic tasks while ensuring compliance and transparency in the AP process.


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Explore your potential cost savings by leveraging Gravity's AP Automation with AI Technology. Enter your details into our ROI Calculator to estimate your cost-saving benefits.

Discover the annual savings generated by increased productivity!



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