The Smile dental company achieves cost savings

Records managed with a manual accounting software system

While The Smile offices all have an automated, closed-loop dental practice management application, they were spending hours upon hours creating their financials in Excel spreadsheets. It was tedious work having to manage one location, figure out its financials, and then do the same for the four other locations. After years of this manual process, it became too time consuming for The Smile’s accountant to keep up with, so she began to search for an automated accounting application. They needed an affordable, cloud-based accounting solution to support their growing dental practices, as well as one that could be customized to their unique business needs. Dr. Kang, owner of The Smile dental offices, wanted to see consolidated financial reports and real time information for all his dental locations. It was important that the system they chose could continue to grow their organization and would be easy to use.

Online accounting solution with multiple-entity consolidation features

Gravity’s team proposed their cloud-based accounting solution that would allow The Smile to account for all their locations in one user-friendly database. “If you’re a small to medium size business who does or does not need multi-entity functionality and you’re looking for an accounting solution with hardly any restrictions, you HAVE to consider Gravity Software®” states Michelle Keckler, Accounting Coordinator, The Smile. They wanted to be able to enter a transaction and have it allocated across multiple locations, where inter-company balancing was automatically applied. The ability to produce automated consolidated financial reports with real-time insights for each dental office was key. They also wanted to simplify their bank reconciliations, journal entries, and vendor payments to streamline their day-to-day back office needs.

Custom financial reporting, increased daily efficiency and cost savings

After implementing Gravity, The Smile’s back office productivity increased. Keckler says, “Being able to implement Gravity with little cost has been the biggest help for our growing dental practice. Some packages cost tens of thousands of dollars – Gravity is the PERFECT solution, from a financial standpoint, for small to medium size businesses with multiple locations.” They said goodbye to the manual Excel spreadsheets for a new, advanced accounting system. Now, The Smile has streamlined financials that can easily account for all their dental locations.

Gravity’s custom dashboards gave them real-time insights into each location, as well as advanced consolidated financial reporting capabilities that spreadsheets or other entry-level software systems cannot offer. “I have not run into one single issue where the response from Gravity was, Sorry about your luck – that’s just the way it is.” states Keckler. “Every single time I bring something to their attention or ask if a change or improvement can be made to the system, they point out to me that the system already does what I’m asking OR they add my request to the development list and I know for sure it’s being worked on at some point in the near future.” The Smile was quickly up and running on Gravity’s financials for all five* dental locations in less than 60 days. Keckler adds, “Gravity is s a full-blown, cloud-based, multi-company accounting solution and I could not be happier that I found it that day when I did a Google search! I would recommend Gravity Software to other businesses in our industry, and I already have!”

Overall, The Smile is thrilled with its quick implementation time and the ease of financial reporting with Gravity Software.

*As of October 2020, The Smile has a total of 11 entities on Gravity Software.

About The Smile

With three dental offices in Louisville plus one location in Lexington and one location in Independence, The Smile dental offices pride themselves on offering superior dental services with the most advanced technology available. The Smile CenterThe Smile LouisvilleThe Smile AnchorageThe Smile Lexington, and The Smile Independence all offer state-of-the-art dental office environments as well as warm, personal, and superior dental care for their patients.

Industry: Dentistry

Number of Employees: 45

Number of Gravity Users: 2

Number of Entities: 11

Previous Accounting Solution: None (Used Excel Spreadsheets)

Gravity Software Gets Results:

  • Able to perform automated multi-company consolidation reports

  • Increased overall efficiency by saving time on manual entries

  • Saved tens of thousands of dollars on software and implementation costs

  • Provide easy access to critical information on mobile devices


"Gravity is the PERFECT solution, from a financial standpoint, for small to medium size businesses with multiple locations."

Michelle Keckler, Accounting Coordinator
The Smile

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