Job Costing

Manage cash flow, control costs and monitor progress

Financial summary

Manage a job from estimates to completion, control subcontractors and change orders all in one application.

Schedule of values

Easily convert job bids into a schedule of values, generate invoices, and AIA, G702 and G703 documents.

Seamless integration

Enter your data once. Journal entries, credit card charges and bank charges can be associated with a job and work category.


Job status and costs - anytime, anywhere

Gravity Software’s Job Cost solution is designed to assist contractors, subcontractors, and specialty contractors to help automate and streamline their construction job costing, billing, budgeting, resource planning, document management and financial reporting needs.

Quickly and easily convert job bids into a schedule of values to generate invoices, along with required AIA documents. Set retainage rates by job and the system will automatically track withheld retainage and perform the final retainage billing. Easily determine profitability by managing your estimated, committed and actual job costs. Get the information you need quickly with a complete financial summary in real-time, as purchase orders are released and payable vouchers, journals, labor time and costs are posted.

Gravity Software Job Costing

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"Gravity Software was quick and easy to convert from Sage MAS 500! We are using a job costing feature which helps us be able to see our profitability on a job basis in addition to by business unit, equipment and department."

Mashelle Leiter, CFO
Beckman Production Services

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