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Consolidate financial reports from across multiple entities to gain comprehensive data visibility and unpack business insights using a single database.

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Microsoft Power Platform

Built from the ground up on the Microsoft Power Platform, Gravity Software can be accessed from anywhere and integrates seamlessly with many leading apps.

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Job Costing

Designed to help automate and streamline construction job costing, billing, budgeting, resource planning, document management and financial reporting needs.

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Multi-Location Inventory

Track, control and manage inventory across your entire enterprise, creating efficiencies and reducing costs while empowering better budgeting and analysis.

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Subscription Billing

Automate your subscription billing process to increase the accuracy and efficiency of your billing cycles for your organization.

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Revenue Recognition

Simplify the process to recognize revenue and expenses in the period that they are earned through an automatic process and real-time insights.

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With technology backed by Microsoft and a team that’s ready to help you grow, upgrading your accounting solution has never been easier. Perfect for mid-market businesses looking to replace their current entry-level and/or legacy application.

Gravity Software's cloud-based business solution makes it easy to access your accounting system in a secure environment from anywhere. Being able to work remotely allows your accounting team to be more agile, helping you understand real-time data to capture opportunities and overcome challenges faster.




"Gravity Software has been a lifesaver for me. I’m 100% in its camp. It’s so much easier, so much better and so much more efficient. The training provided before the actual implementation was fantastic and comprehensive; it gave us the opportunity to ask questions, get answers, really dig in and find how things were going to work."

Robert Everman, CEO
Onefire Holding Co.

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