Technology companies have special needs in their accounting software. Beyond standard accounting procedures, technology companies must deal with billing for managed services and SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) products, handling revenue recognition rules and even billing for employees’ time. The traditional answer has been to merge multiple systems, with each trying to solve one problem. How many places does your customer data live?

With the Gravity Software for Technology Companies solution, you can have one cohesive system, one application that can handle all your company’s needs.


  • 360-degree view of your customers in one system.
  • Reduced costs and inefficiencies associated with employees performing remedial billing tasks.
  • Recovery of lost revenue and reduced customer churn.
  • Simplification of your business systems.
  • Shortened month end closing time.



  • Subscription Billing – Gravity’s Subscription Billing module can automate recurring contracts with your customers. Managed Service and SAAS billing can be modeled in one place. Set your billing cycle and renewals, automate pricing escalations, even automate the customer payment process.
  • Revenue Recognition – This module enables companies to appropriately recognize revenue and expenses in the period they are earned. Based on Gravity’s recognition templates, Gravity will create the deferral schedules automatically. All you have to do is post the monthly entries.
  • Time and Billing – This module is an easy, cost-effective way to track time and expenses to jobs or projects. Using Gravity’s sophisticated billing structures, you can quickly and accurately prepare customer invoices.
  • Great Accounting – Gravity’s sophisticated financial solution follows best practices, with robust accounting features. Streamline your business operations across your entire organization utilizing Microsoft technology that you already use and know.
  • Collections Management – One of the most overlooked business requirements is managing customer payments and collections. Most times, it is put off because of the amount of work needed to assemble all the information to follow up with customers, make calls and document the results. Gravity’s collection dashboard makes it easy, all the information in one place for you to analyze, act and document your results.

Gravity’s robust business financials is built on the Microsoft Power Platform (aka Dynamics 365). An open platform where multiple applications can live on one platform, one database, while sharing platform services. With this modular approach, you can choose what works for your business, without taking on services that your business doesn’t need. As your business grows and evolves, you can add more users and adjust for security, logistics and clearance. Power your technology business and schedule your online demo today.

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