Alivi gains increased productivity and better financial reporting

Alivi was growing and their old accounting software was holding them back

Alivi formerly known as HCAS Technology began looking for a new accounting solution when both QuickBooks and Sage could not provide a high enough level of detail for each of its entities and subsidiaries, which then rolled up into their holding company. Users were managing multiple databases, consistently logging in and out of programs to get the data that they needed.

Alivi needed help with consolidation and auditing its financials, and its current solutions wasted a lot of time reconciling key numbers. The users had a lot of inefficacies having to enter transactions multiple times as costs were allocated across companies.

“QuickBooks and Sage couldn’t keep up with our company’s multiple entity needs, we decided to make the switch to an enterprise accounting solution,” states Daniel Rodriguez, Director of Finance, Alivi. “We were constantly logging in and out of multiple applications to get the data we needed. We needed the ability to run consolidated financials and QuickBooks and Sage were a nightmare when it came to this. We were constantly slowed down, and our growing business needed more.”

Cloud-based accounting software with multi-entity functionality

Gravity Software proposed their time-saving, cloud-based accounting solution that allowed Alivi’s users to work in each entity with a single login. The multi-entity feature within Gravity allowed the entry of one transaction, allocating costs across multiple companies with automatic inter-company balancing. Users would no longer need to create duplicate transactions in different companies. Data from all entities would be reconciled in real time, and reports could be pulled at a moment’s notice.

Gravity’s consolidated financial reporting feature avoided the time and inefficiency of pulling reports for each individual entity. Because Gravity is built on the Microsoft Power Platform, the solution seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Power BI dashboards to create accurate visuals of data for month-end management meetings. “Month-end and year-end audits are a breeze now, thanks to consolidated financial reports with just one database to manage. We no longer have to explain to our auditor how to manage our multiple programs” Rodriguez says.

Higher productivity, better financial reporting, and real-time insights

With the help of Gravity, Alivi has been able to grow their organization without having to grow their staff as a result of their improved productivity. Gravity’s advanced financial reporting and Power BI capabilities have helped give the Alivi team new insights into their operations and streamlined consolidated reporting. Rodrigues notes, “The multiple entities and reporting aspect of Gravity’s financials with Microsoft Power BI allowed us to tap into key data and put various dashboards into visuals. You can do it all within Gravity!”

Alivi has also benefited from the ease of customizations and simplicity of their new workflow. Gravity’s accounting solution has saved Alivi thousands of dollars over other solutions that could not deliver the multi-entity features that Alivi needed. “I absolutely recommend Gravity Software to anyone in need of a new accounting solution,” says Rodriguez. “They perfectly fill the niche of the untapped middle market of accounting software. You get many features from an ERP solution but at a price comparable to QuickBooks. If I could tell others in the technology industry about Gravity, I would without hesitation.” Alivi is extremely happy with the increase in productivity and efficiency, and they look forward to the continued success they’ve seen by using Gravity.

About Alivi

Alivi manages the provision and coordination of healthcare benefits by improving access to care through adequate provider networks, providing Non-Emergency Medical Transportation services, and offering management support through their Benefit Plan Outsourcing services.

Industry: Hospital and Healthcare Technology

Number of Employees: 72

Number of Gravity Users: 2

Number of Entities: 5

Previous Accounting Solution:

Gravity Software Gets Results:

  • Eliminated manual financial consolidations

  • Increased overall efficiency

  • Gained real-time insights into daily operations


"The multiple entities and reporting aspect of Gravity’s financials with Microsoft Power BI allowed us to tap into key data and put various dashboards into visuals. You can do it all within Gravity!"

Daniel Rodriguez, Director of Finance

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