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Everyone knows a picture is worth 1000 words. But today it really depends on which picture you are looking at. This is the idea behind Business Intelligence (BI), to show you information in simple graphs and tables that lets you quickly find the issues and trends that you would not see looking at big reports. A great dashboard should be easy to read, relevant and in real time.

Traditionally, there have been too many issues with using BI applications to make them useful. First, they were hard to set up. You needed technical resources to get your accounting database to connect to the BI software. Secondly, you needed to be very technical to model your information. Most business people know the issues and how they want their dashboards presented, put you would often need programmer type skills to setup the BI models. Lastly, it would take a long time and a lot of money to set up a BI application. Many BI systems get abandoned because by the time they’re set up, your requirements have changed.

Enter Microsoft Power BI

Now, if you’re thinking Power BI is just another complex, expensive add-on and that you will need an army of technicians and barrels of money to get it working, you’re wrong. Power BI is an easy to use, inexpensive BI tool that lets you create your dashboards quickly. Take a few steps further, Power BI is an arsenal of analytics tools that provide insight and true, real-time clarity with the ability to see all angles of your business at once. Basically, Power BI is dashboards on steroids. It’s pretty cool!

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Since Gravity Software® (Gravity) cloud-based business financials is written on the Microsoft Power Platform (aka Dynamics 365 CRM), Power BI just connects. No work needed. Setting up your first dashboard can take less than an hour as Power BI takes all the technology away so all you need to do is model your information in an easy to learn interface.

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Gravity, being transactional in nature, is capturing every activity that your company is doing. Every sale, purchase and accounting transaction. Everything that is happening to Inventory. Now in an hour you can create real-time, relevant and visually stunning dashboards to help you manage your company faster and better than ever.

If your intuition is telling you that you’ll probably be utilizing dashboards a whole lot more with Microsoft Power BI & Gravity, let’s just say you’re on to something. Power BI and Gravity, or PB & G: an Instant Classic!

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