Multi-entity capabilities for your restaurant franchise

multi-entity capabilities for your restuarant franchise

If you’re running a restaurant, no doubt, you’re busy. Now, if you’re running a restaurant franchise, it’s hard to stay on top of everything, and knowing exactly how every location is doing, is no easy task. Now, you’re looking at your business from every angle, through and through; and for every location, you’re monitoring, comparing and analyzing everything from inventory and overhead, revenue and profits, to expenses and losses, and much more. You’re not just generating reports for a single, stand-alone restaurant. Your accounting team is trying to crank out those weekly, monthly and quarterly reports, which takes them days to complete. So, what’s the hold up? Where are the inefficiencies coming from?  You know your team is working hard at every location from Akron and Cleveland to Cincinnati and Springfield, so it has to be something else. You have to ask yourself, are you providing your team with the proper business financials to do their job more efficiently? Are they having to log in and out of databases for each restaurant location?  If so, it’s time to take a closer look at your business financials.

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Streamline your business financials

That’s right, you and your business need more. With that awesome growth from a single restaurant that serves those delicious farm-to-table ingredients, to a regional chain, you’ve arrived. Your franchise has developed a local and loyal following, and your operation has not only grown, but has also become increasingly complex. Sure, that entry level accounting software like QuickBooks, could handle the financials for a single location. But when one turns into five or more, you’re starting to feel like you need a team of accountants to complete month-end financial statements.  What about real-time insights so you can make better informed decisions for your restaurant franchise. Is your business  …

  • struggling to produce solid reports based on reliable, accurate data? Margin for error increases when you’re working in so many spreadsheets and having to go in and out of databases to extract data.

  • taking longer to produce standard (revenue forecasts, profit and loss), periodic (weekly, monthly, quarterly) reports? Are you receiving reports that are two weeks late? Does month end seem to never have an end in sight?

  • accurately tracking and calculating vendor and maintenance expenses from one location to another? Is one franchise location spending more than everyone else? Do you have real-time dashboards to show you? Are you able to track these expenses accurately, down to the penny?

  • struggling to track inventory and shipments (direct from vendor to restaurant, or from warehouse to restaurant)? Who’s on first? Who received what, and when? Did that vendor follow through and provide the special price break since you committed to the extra quantities?

If any of those scenarios sound familiar, then you’re spending too much time trying to catch up with operations, when you should be thinking of the next best way to serve up what Yelp reviews are calling ‘the best comfort food in the Midwest’. Maybe it’s time to embrace an upgrade to a proactive system that grows with you. Built on the Microsoft Power Platform (aka Dynamics 365 CRM), Gravity Software® (Gravity) cloud financials provides a tailored adaptation for your restaurant chain with a clear, 360-degree view of every franchise location.

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The technology just makes sense

Gravity has developed an amazing multi-company model that can dramatically increase productivity across your franchise business. Why not consolidate all your restaurant locations’ data into one database? Now you can (with proper security features in place) navigate from one location to the next without wasting precious time.

Gravity gets to work by…

  • drilling down and extracting any/all relevant data, for any location/ entity. From Springfield to Akron, you can find those answers in a data haystack with just a few clicks. No more frustrated follow up calls and emails, hoping for an accurate answer. Just drill down and click.

  • sharing master files. Sharing master files and time sensitive information doesn’t have to turn into a multi-step, tedious process. You retain control, knowing that, with proper security features in place, you can share financial information to those who need it.

  • reporting on consolidated information. Track and breakdown vendor expenses by location. Now you can compare one location to another, side by side, without embarking from one information silo to another. Go ahead, see which location is going through more inventory in the same amount of time. Accomplishing the same with QuickBooks? Sure, if you don’t have anything else to do, and your work schedule is wide open.

  • capturing and analyzing critical data, like overhead expenses by location. Which restaurant spent money fixing line equipment? Who installed new light fixtures? Who spent a little more on labor last month because of those special catered events? Who needs a boost with specials and promotions? Who needs more marketing and brand exposure? With Gravity, you can create your own dashboards with real-time insights into all your locations.

Gravity can centralize the operations for your restaurant franchise into one database while still providing detailed and customized reporting for each franchise location. You can find relief in an automated system that is streamlined and secure. Gravity can consolidate your business financials in less time without absorbing large implementation costs of a more conventional onsite ERP solution. And to top it all off, the first five entities are included. Learn more about Gravity and schedule your online demo today! My business is connected. Is yours?

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