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If you’re a thriving small to medium-sized business, chances are your basic in-house accounting solution is slowing down your financial record-keeping and dragging down your productivity.

QuickBooks may have served you well in the past, but now that your company is bigger and more complex, it’s not surprising you need a more capable, comprehensive accounting solution that can effectively pull together all its financial facets anytime, anywhere.

Exceeding expectations: Gravity Software

Fortunately, accounting professionals who once wrestled with those very issues have designed a cloud-based platform specifically optimized for SMBs that need real-time access to a wide range of accounting data — without the high price tags associated with more complex enterprise applications. Enter your next step accounting solution: Gravity Software® (Gravity).

No longer must you struggle with the limitations of overly simplistic systems that handle real-world complexities like working with multiple companies. No longer will you waste hours manually processing reports that should have been automated in the first place. Never again must you painstakingly construct graphs and charts just to parse information. Gravity does all that seamlessly on your behalf.

Fully customizable

Perhaps best of all, Gravity is the one and only cloud accounting business management application built from scratch using the Microsoft Power Platform (Dynamics 365 CRM) platform. Not only does that make for unprecedented versatility as you add on complementary business tools, but it allows you to access your info and run reports from any location at any time.

That expanded capacity lets you completely customize and automate your system to your company needs, empowering it with key business modules without cluttering your dashboard with info you just don’t need. And Gravity’s subscription-based pricing structure eliminates the need for on-site servers, special report writers, maintenance fees and other unnecessary expenses.

Gravity Software in The Record

But wait, there’s more

Other invaluable features incorporated into Gravity:

  • Multiple-Entity capabilities: Manage all entities or subsidiaries in one system without logging in and out of copious databases.

  • Bill of Materials: Automate assembly of products in one streamlined solution.

  • Value-Added (VAT) Taxes: Manage both U.S. and foreign taxes in one application.

  • Multi-Location Inventory: Easily track and manage inventory in real time across multiple warehouses.

  • Full Role-Based Security: Designate exactly which users can view information or create documents.

  • Complete Transaction Audit Trail: Improve transparency with accurate audit trails.

  • One-Button Correction: Fix transactions with one click and still maintain audit trails.

  • Dimensions: Tag every transaction with codes to better track projects, events and repairs.

  • Advanced Find Queries: Slice and dice data with our easy yet powerful query tool.

  • Insightful Scorecards: View predefined scorecards that help you evaluate real-time company data and compare it to your preset goals.

  • Revenue Recognition: Set your own guidelines for how and when revenue is registered.

  • Subscription Management: Manages the subscription experience from initiation to service review to billing.

  • Time and Billing: Automates time and expense tracking for payroll, billing and other purposes.

As your company grows, there’s no need to muddle through all the databases that you manage for all your applications. Gravity is strategically designed to help you manage and efficiently grow with your business operations. If your business is outgrowing its current entry-level accounting software, take the next step – schedule Gravity’s online demo today.

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