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Cloud accounting business management solution for mid-market businesses looking to replace their current entry-level application.


Gravity Software - Cloud-Based Software Built for Smart Businesses

Fully-Integrated Financials, Multi-Company Capabilities, Strong Inventory Reporting, and More!

More small to medium size businesses (SMBs) rely on a cloud solution that can scale based on their growing business’s needs. Why not take advantage of Gravity Software™ (Gravity)'s cloud solution to help your business sell more, improve customer service, gain customer loyalty, and increase sales productivity? Gravity's online business solution allows you to easily navigate from Gravity's back office financial business solution to front office sales, service, and marketing. Can your current solution do that?

Secure Cloud Solution Built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Platform

If your business is outgrowing your current accounting solution, take a look at Gravity. More than just accounting, Gravity provides you with the necessary tools and processes to help your business grow. If your solution is already built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, you’re halfway there! This open platform hosts more than four million users worldwide and allows for integrations with Customer Engagement from Microsoft, Job Costing from CumulusApps, and much more.

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