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Budgeting by Dimension in Gravity Software Version 6.5


In Version 6.5, Gravity has taken a significant step forward with Budgeting by Dimension. We initially introduced dimensions as a means to tag financial transactions with critical attributes, facilitating advanced reporting. 

Over time, our users have leveraged dimensions to monitor a diverse range of elements, including Projects, Doctors, Investors, and Family members. Since its inception, dimensions and dimension rules have remained fundamental to the Gravity platform.

Now, in Version 6.5, we are excited to introduce a groundbreaking feature: the ability to create budgets at the dimension level. This empowers users to establish budget allocations for each fiscal period, delineated by GL account and dimension. 

These dimension-specific budgets can be seamlessly integrated into our advanced report writer, enabling users to make detailed comparisons between actual financial data and budgeted figures, showcasing variances with precision.

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