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Gravity Software Releases Purchase Order Module

Detroit, Michigan – June 13, 2017  Gravity Software LLC; the developer of Gravity Software™ (Gravity) a robust mid-market accounting application written on the Microsoft Power Platform (aka Dynamics 365 CRM), today announced the release of its Purchase Order module. This module enables companies to establish an approval protocol before items are purchased. Growing businesses can process and manage vendor price points, help drive quantity discounts, save on shipping costs and much more.

“We created Gravity’s purchase order to handle real-world situations,” said John Silvani, President & CEO of Gravity. “In addition to purchasing inventory, we allow companies to create purchases for services and other non-inventory items.”

Here a few key PO features:

  • Manage Required and Promised Dates by Line Item
  • Vendor Analysis Reporting
  • Ability to Manage Negotiated Vendor Cost
  • Accounting for Purchase Price Variance

Gravity’s Purchase Order module allows for a separate receiving function to ensure the items were received in good condition. Also, provides the real-time insights to view best vendor price, terms and delivery times.

“We recognize that as companies grow their relationships likely change with both their customers and vendors. In particular with vendors, the purchase process can become much more formal. The need for additional purchasing requirements or specifications make Purchase Orders a valuable and necessary tool to ensure that the shipment and invoice match what was ordered.”, stated Randall Ykema, Chief Technology Officer for Gravity. “We are excited to help companies gain better control over their purchases.”

As businesses grow, they need a strong financial system like Gravity. Gravity helps companies grow by unlocking information and reducing friction. Gravity provides features that growing companies need while being easy to use and easy to implement. And with real-time insights into all your lines of businesses, you can make better informed decisions.

If your business is outgrowing your current entry level accounting software, consider Gravity Software. Learn more about Gravity and schedule your online demo today.

About Gravity Software

Gravity Software, LLC (Gravity) is an online cloud business management software company that provides financial business solutions exclusively written for smart businesses. Gravity’s robust solution is built on the Microsoft Power Platform (aka Microsoft CRM) platform to give businesses the distinct advantage of having your Financials and CRM fully integrated on one platform.  More than just accounting, Gravity provides businesses with the necessary tools and processes to help drive sales, improve customer service and increase productivity. Gravity Software - Simply Innovative Business Management.  Follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn & Google+, Subscribe to our YouTube Channel, and Like us on Facebook.

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