Time & Billing

Effective time tracking and accurate billing

Time posting

Track time to project and bill customers as needed. Enter internal and external notes with percentage on completion.

Resource calendaring and job scheduling

Easily maximize resource planning while ensuring jobs are completed on time.

Gantt chart and real-time dashboards

Visualize the status of jobs, tasks and resources to spot issues and trends.


Simplified time and billing helps you boost productivity

Gravity’s Time and Billing module is an easy, cost-effective way to track time and expenses to jobs or projects. With Gravity’s cloud application, employees are able to enter time from any mobile device. With sophisticated billing structures, you can quickly and accurately prepare customer invoices. Whether your project is time and materials, fixed fee or cost plus, Gravity can make billing as easy one click.


"We’re now able to get our (previous) months closed by the fourth day of each month, with all reports printed and everything ready to go. It’s a tremendous savings in terms of screen time and effort."

Robert Everman, CEO
Onefire Holding Co.

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