360 Destination Group eliminates redundant, manual processes

360 Destination Group was having difficulty accounting for its inter-company financials with QuickBooks

With five companies and many different factors of their hospitality business to account for, 360 Destination Group’s accounting team was fighting a growing amount of inefficiency and redundancy in their business processes. Their accounting system, QuickBooks Desktop (QBD), couldn’t successfully account for inter-company transactions and required multiple siloed databases, one for each company.

Their CRM (Dynamics 365 CRM) couldn’t communicate with their QBD accounting solution and Excel spreadsheets, leaving them with a lot of manual work and redundant data entry. When it came time to evaluate the companies’ business financials, QBD’s reporting capabilities fell flat, and 360 Destination Group was missing out on valuable real-time insights. 360 Destination Group decided that it was time to look for an efficient business solution that could streamline their back-office accounting processes and seamlessly integrate with their existing front office CRM.

Gravity Software’s cloud-based accounting solution with advanced multiple-entity features

Gravity Software proposed their robust cloud accounting solution that was built on the Microsoft Power Platform. Since 360 Destination Group was already using Dynamics 365 for their front-office CRM, adding Gravity’s back-office financials to the platform allowed for a seamless integration. With a common platform, 360 Destination Group could finally have a CRM system and an accounting solution that “talked to each other”, eliminating redundant data entry processes.

"Gravity Software has been a great fit for our company as we expand our entities." says Shawna Bailley, Director of Accounting, 360 Destination Group. "We had long outgrown QuickBooks, but didn’t quite require an expensive and overly complex enterprise application. We’ve been able to streamline our internal accounting processes based on the capabilities of Gravity. We’ve eliminated (at least) two outside programs/processes that we previously utilized for reporting purposes."

Additionally, 360 Destination Group wanted to allocate transactions across their multiple companies without having to enter transactions into each database. Gravity allows them to facilitate these transactions without logging in and out of databases. The multi-dimension functionality also allowed 360 Destination Group to correctly structure their customers as Customers, properly tracking each project.

Higher productivity, better financial reporting, and real-time insights

360 Destination Group immediately began to see the benefits after implementation. Their CRM and Gravity’s cloud-based accounting solution are now successfully integrated, saving users time that would otherwise be spent manually inputting transactions. The company’s multi-company financials are now consolidated into one database with one login and greater security, allowing for automatic inter-company balancing without duplicate entries.

Once-tedious month-end reporting is now simplified thanks to Gravity’s multi-dimensional reporting, which eliminates the workarounds for adding customers over and over in QBD. Key features used in their day-to day operations include Gravity’s Advanced Financial Reports, Collections Dashboard, Easy Bank Recs and Advanced Find Query application.

360 Destination Group also uses Microsoft’s Power BI integration, a rich visual tool that provides real-time insights into various parts of their business. "We look forward to building upon the Microsoft Power BI dashboard capabilities in Gravity to provide additional analytics and insights into our growing business."

360 Destination Group’s workflow has been streamlined and its users are thrilled with their newfound accounting and business solution, Gravity Software.

Bailley states, "Overall, I would definitely recommend Gravity Software to other businesses in the hospitality industry! If you are utilizing Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and wanting to scale your business and improve efficiencies all around, then you should look at Gravity."

About 360 Destination Group

As a leading full-service destination management company, 360 Destination Group takes a stuffy corporate meeting and makes it feel like the only event in town. Not only do they personally handle all logistics and organization, but they also seamlessly blend that with carefully thought-out event concepts that engage both clients and employees. 360 Destination Group's roots go back to 1978 when their founders shaped the destination management industry. Today, they are a leading destination management company with offices in California, Arizona, Chicago, Texas, Florida, and New York.

Industry: Hospitality

Number of Employees: 50 full-time, 250 seasonal & part-time

Number of Gravity Users: 51

Number of Entities: 5

Previous Accounting Solution: Quickbooks Desktop

Gravity Software Gets Results:

  • Eliminate redundant data entry

  • Increased overall efficiency

  • Consolidated multi-company financial reporting

  • Created real-time insights into financials and operations for management

  • Simplified the receivables collection process


"The multiple entities and reporting aspect of Gravity’s financials with Microsoft Power BI allowed us to tap into key data and put various dashboards into visuals. You can do it all within Gravity!"

Shawna Bailley, Director of Accounting
360 Destination Group

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