8 reasons to integrate your accounting into Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE


When it comes to choosing a CRM that can fully support a range of financial practices, many business owners find that Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (Dynamics 365 CE) offers the best possible flexibility and scalability for their needs.

Dynamics 365 CE is built on the Microsoft Power Platform and has become a favorite of forward-thinking company leaders; in fact, Gartner slotted Microsoft into its Leaders Quadrant for 2019 based on its “Completeness of vision and ability to execute in the customer engagement center market.” And it’s especially useful for business owners that need a 360-degree view of their company operations and financials to make better informed forecasts and recommend smart strategies.

Here are some primary advantages of Dynamics 365 CE:

1. Nearly unlimited personalizations

The platform has the capacity to manage a huge variety of individual applications that can work alone or together, allowing you to custom-create the collection of applications that meets your specific needs. As your company changes and your requirements change, you can reassemble those apps at will. Further, the system’s configurable dashboards and data visualization tools provide the key data you need, in real time, on demand.

2. Cost-effectiveness

Because you need only purchase the apps relevant to your business, the subscription model and monthly operational fees built into Microsoft Power Platform can be far more cost-effective than the capital costs you might otherwise incur. Further, your subscriptions need only apply to those who use specific add-on modules your business needs and users requirements. ; you need not buy a comprehensive license covering all possible roles. Of course, you also don’t have to manage and maintain your own servers and data center.

3. Invaluable customer data

The system’s shared business database known as the Microsoft Common Data Model smoothly integrates all your data and processes, such that information silos become a thing of the past. You can choose from among the most useful applications available, then use them together to create clearer, more helpful insights into your company performance. Connectivity between departments becomes seamless, and because you no longer have to scrape and search for the data you need, you’re able to work faster and boost your productivity.

4. Easy app additions

Microsoft’s app market AppSource enables you to easily search for, understand and buy the solutions most crucial to your company requirements based on your business needs.

Microsoft Power Platform

5. Scalability

Your subscription agreement allows you to easily scale up and down when your company requirements change, whether the change is temporary or permanent. You only pay for what you need, when you need it.

6. Intelligence

Since Dynamics 365 offers real-time insights along with access to predictive analytics, BI and machine learning, you have as much access to predictive insights as you need. When you have your financials from Gravity Software® (Gravity) and CRM from Dynamics 365 CE you have the ability to personalize dashboards to pull in data like Top Ten Anything (Customers, Salespersons, etc.), accounts receivables aging and so much more.

7. Security

The Microsoft Power Platform offers robust security and access controls for all apps and data incorporated into its cloud services. Everything is hosted, updated, secured and maintained by Microsoft.

8. Portability

Cloud service enables usage at any time, from any location with internet connection. As such, business communications and operations can continue 24-7 according to worker and customer preferences.

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Gravity Software and Dynamics 365 CE: The dynamics duo

Since Gravity’s robust cloud-based accounting software is built on the Microsoft Power Platform, you can expect a range of features and efficiencies that might not be possible with less robust systems.

For example, you can choose to expand usage from 3 to 30 to 300 users in a day, with no downtime or unexpected costs to hold you down. Your financials and CRM apps are fully integrated to enable a 360-degree view of your customers, your operations and your company. And you no longer have to manage separate business systems to finish your day-to-day work. This means that if you’re already on Dynamics 365 CE, you can easily add Gravity’s cloud accounting app  at a cost effective price.

California’s 360 Destination Group is among those that immediately began to see benefits after implementing Dynamics 365 CE with Gravity’s financials. Not only were its users able to reduce their manually inputted transactions, but the consolidation of functions onto one database enabled singular logins, better security and automatic inter-company balancing that ruled out redundant data entries.

360 Destination Group eliminates redundancies with Gravity Software

"Gravity Software has been a great fit for our company as we expand our entities,” notes Director of Accounting Shawna Bailley. "We’ve been able to streamline our internal accounting processes based on its capabilities. And we’ve eliminated (at least) two outside programs/processes that we previously utilized for reporting purposes. If you are utilizing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and wanting to scale your business and improve efficiencies all around, then you should look at Gravity."

More than just accounting, Gravity Software provides businesses with the tools and processes they need to gain real-time insights into financials, increase sales, improve customer service and boost productivity. Gravity was designed to fill the gap between entry-level accounting software like QuickBooks and high-end enterprise applications.

To learn more about how Gravity Software and Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE can streamline your accounting and operational processes, schedule your online demo today. 

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