Multi-company financial reporting. What if?


I’ve heard this time and time before, and it really does sound like a broken record, but the time spent logging in and out databases is painful, and I know the pain. Most companies start out using QuickBooks, and it really does the job for a startup company. But when companies start to grow, they need more horsepower than QuickBooks can provide.

Your business may have grown to multiple locations, or you’re managing several different legal entities for liability purposes. Now that time spent to produce financial reports could take 4 – 5 days to prepare. And by the time you get your financial statements, it could be five days old. Talk about inefficiencies! Do you really know the cost of running your business? What about your employees’ time doing all that manual work? The time spent in spreadsheets in and out of databases? What if you want multi-company financial reporting? LOL, really? Because it’s not happening in QuickBooks!

If It Isn’t Broken, Why Fix It?

Yes, you know what I’m talking about: staying with an entry level accounting system. I call it that Band-Aid syndrome. If it isn’t broken, why fix it? Is that how you really want to run your business? What if you have investors and or partners? I’m sure they want real-time financial reporting at month-end. What about real-time insights, anytime? With QuickBooks, that isn’t happening! What if you could produce quick financial statements with just one click? Did I get half a smile out of you?

Due Diligence

In the past, you may have looked into upgrading to a new enterprise accounting application, like Sage Intacct or NetSuite. And you probably got sticker shocked because they were the only options at the time. The cost of each company and the cost of implementation probably felt like climbing Mount Everest in flip-flops. Now there’s a new kid on the block that’s all the buzz in cloud accounting, one that hit the mid-market in multi-company financial reporting.  One that gives you just one database to manage for all your companies. One that has advanced features like:

  • Bill of Materials for Light Manufacturing

  • Complete Audit Trail

  • Dimensional Reporting

  • Full-Role Based Security

  • Job Costing

  • Purchasing Automation

  • Multi-Company Financial Reporting

  • Multi-location Inventory Management

  • Real-time Customizable Dashboards

  • Revenue Recognition

  • Segmented Chart of Accounts

  • Subscription Billing

  • Time and Billing Management

Seriously, do your due diligence and take a look at what Gravity Software® (Gravity) has to offer. Gravity has very strong multi-company financial reporting capabilities. You have the ability to manage multiple companies in just one database on just one platform. Why not report on financial statements in real-time, in formats that your company needs to make better informed decisions. Not just financial, but operational as well.

Which accounting software is right for your business?

Sometimes, you might just need a simple, quick and easy statement, without any need for filters or queries. Gravity allows you to produce quick financial statements with just one click. Gravity has predefined statement templates in the account structure, so you can easily produce that income statement or balance sheet.

Advanced financial reporting tool

There’s no ‘What if’s’ with Gravity. If Gravity does not have everything your business needs, then go to the more expensive enterprise application. That’s right, we want you to have a solution that can meet all your business requirements. Sometimes you might require a more complex financial statement without the complexity of an ERP application. Then check out Gravity’s robust Advanced Financial Reporting Tool that allows you to…

  • produce a complex or more elaborate report by profit center, product type, department and office, and more.

  • produce Multi-Company consolidating financial reports

  • save desired formats for future use so you don’t have to recreate a reporting format from scratch every time.

  • preview your report while you’re still working on it, and you can see how it would look in its final, printed format.

  • work and make changes as you go. You can change format, perform mathematical calculations and much more.

Take that extra dimension

Take advanced reporting a step further with Gravity’s Dimensions. Dimensions give the user the ability to categorize data by events, job, projects or any other factor that’s important to you. Dimensions are user-defined and easy to create to manage your chart of accounts. You can easily track Dimensions on every transaction.

Now with all that said, it’s time to schedule an online demo of Gravity Software. Why not have the latest in accounting technology today? Gravity is written on the Microsoft Power Platform (aka Dynamics 365 CRM). An open platform that allows you to pick and choose which modules you want. A platform that hosts over 4 million users worldwide. A subscription cloud-based solution that allows you to pay as you go. There  are no maintenance fees involved. Gravity is just smart accounting at its best.

Gravity Software

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