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The Smile Switches From Spreadsheets to Advanced Accounting Solution

Detroit, MI – February 28, 2019 – Today, Gravity Software® (Gravity), a mid-market accounting solution that specializes in multi-company financials, announced that its client, The Smile, easily moved from Excel spreadsheets to Gravity’s advanced financial solution in less than 60 days.

Gravity’s cloud-based solution is built on the Microsoft Power Platform (aka Dynamics 365) and is designed for easy and quick implementations; the user-friendly application speeds users’ adoption and simplifies working with multiple companies.

“Gravity Software is made for small to medium-sized businesses who need more functionality than entry-level software but don’t want to pay the expensive costs of enterprise software,” said John Silvani, President & CEO of Gravity Software. “The Smile was managing the financials of five dental offices with Excel spreadsheets, which was taking them a lot of time and not giving them real-time information. By implementing Gravity, they not only gained efficiency, but also a deep-dive into the performance of their locations.”

After a quick implementation of Gravity, The Smile now manages its five dental locations in one database. The owner, Dr. Su T. Kang, DDS, regularly needed to see reports of all five dental locations, and Gravity’s consolidated financial reporting was the perfect solution. Dr. Kang and his team can now gain real-time insights to determine how each dental office performs. Bank reconciliations, journal entries, and vendor payments are streamlined, simplifying back office operations. Gravity’s solution saved The Smile’s users time, not to mention the tens of thousands of dollars it would have costed them to purchase and implement an enterprise application.

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“I have not run into one single issue where the response from Gravity was, “Sorry about your luck – that’s just the way it is,” says Michelle Keckler, Accounting Coordinator of The Smile. “Every single time I bring something to their attention or ask if a change or improvement can be made to the system, they point out to me that the system already does what I’m asking OR they add my request to the development list and I know for sure it’s being worked on at some point in the near future.”

The Smile Co moves to automated multi-company accounting with Gravity

The Smile was quickly able to achieve tangible results from Gravity, providing a quick ROI (return on investment) and giving the owner access to information previously unavailable. He can quickly see the status of key financial indicators on his mobile device, anytime and anywhere.

The Smile’s Results with Gravity:

  • Now Able to Perform Automated Multi-Company Consolidation Reports

  • Increased Overall Efficiency by Saving Time on Manual Entries

  • Saved Tens of Thousands of Dollars on Software and Implementation Costs

  • Provides Easy Access to Critical Information on Mobile Devices

The complete case study can be read here.

If you’re an organization that is managing multiple companies in separate databases, it’s time to do your due diligence and take a look at Gravity. Even better, the first five entities are included! Learn more about Gravity Software and schedule your online demo today!

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