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Bigger isn’t always better. This is especially true when it comes to accounting software. Many growing midsized companies think they need expensive enterprise systems because they come with all the bells and whistles and would appear to leave room for future growth. But there’s a difference between the biggest systems and ones that are truly innovative and can have the biggest impact on your business. Gravity Software® (Gravity) was designed with this concept in mind and has become a leader in the field by providing solutions that truly move the needle for midsized businesses. Let’s look at what makes Gravity unique and how these innovations can improve your accounting operation.

More personalization options

Every accounting software on the market can be personalized to some degree. But it’s the cost and ease of making those upgrades that sets Gravity apart. With many systems, you can add an extra field or change a form, but to do that you need to hire a developer or programmer who is experienced working with that particular system. This can be extremely costly and takes a lot of time.

With Gravity, users have the ability to make changes and personalize the system without the need for specialized labor. In a matter of minutes, you can add fields, reconfigure workflows, change forms and more. This allows you to match the system to the way you already do business. This provides better continuity for your staff, greater efficiency in your processes and a better experience for your users.

Upgrade without losing personalization

Some companies customize themselves into a corner. They make a ton of personalization tweaks over the years to fit the system exactly to their processes. But because of limitations in the software’s design, they can’t upgrade the system without losing everything they’ve built. So instead, they just never upgrade. This leaves them open to security threats, prevents system bugs from getting fixed and means they may go without the latest features added by the system developer.

This isn’t the case with Gravity. In our system, you can upgrade to the latest version while maintaining all of the personalized changes you’ve made. This allows your business to continue evolving while taking advantage of the latest iterations and updates to our already innovative accounting software.

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Platform = power

Another thing that makes Gravity truly innovative is the platform we’re built on. Gravity is the only accounting software built natively on the Microsoft Power Platform, which gives our system all kinds of unique capabilities. We have a highly sophisticated but easy to use workflow engine that allows you to increase automation, adjust workflows and configure processes to your needs. The platform gives Gravity the ability to seamlessly integrate with all kinds of other software systems, even proprietary systems to increase efficiency for your organization. Microsoft also spends hundreds of millions of dollars every year investing in platform upgrades. So, although we can’t take credit for those advances, our users benefit from those continuous innovations.

Even if you don’t currently run your business on Microsoft, there are still a lot of benefits to using a system like Gravity that runs on the Power Platform. For one, the platform exists within the Microsoft Azure Data Center, providing world-class security for your financial data. This is also what makes Gravity a HIPAA compliant accounting software solution. With the platform, you also get access to tools like Microsoft Power BI, an innovative business intelligence program that helps you make better sense of your collective data. All in all, the reach and power of the platform works to our users’ advantage by providing unique capabilities in a continually evolving digital ecosystem.

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Microsoft Teams integration

All indications are that Microsoft intends to continue building up its Teams offering as a truly comprehensive business collaboration solution. They are looking to build applications that can run inside Teams and have already created integrations so you can use solutions like Salesforce within the system. But as the only accounting software built on the Microsoft Power Platform, Gravity is the only accounting solution that can run within the Teams paradigm. This exclusive capability is already live, allowing you to move seamlessly from your accounting processes to other business needs all in the same interface. It’s these kinds of innovations that will ultimately save time and hassle for your accounting personnel.

A lot of enterprise accounting solutions on the market are a mile wide and an inch deep. They pack in feature after feature so they can go into sales meetings and say “Yes” anytime someone asks if they have a certain capability. Essentially, they’re checking off boxes. But if you asked, “Do those features actually work well? Will they really make a difference for my company?” the answer would be a little different. Instead of opting for the “biggest” system out there, move your business forward by investing in truly innovative solutions like Gravity that allow you to improve your processes with greater efficiency.

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