Cloud accounting and Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement: A perfect match


If you are like most growing companies, you are dependent on many unconnected systems to run your business. We call them “Islands of Information”. Just look at how many applications you must use to find customer information. Your accounting, sales, even time and billing all on different applications. You have to export everything into excel spreadsheets to manually consolidate your data to produce monthly financial reports. Think of all the time wasted to login and out of databases. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Gravity Software® (Gravity) entered the mid-market with its cloud accounting app that is uniquely built on the Microsoft Power Platform (aka Dynamics 365 CRM). A robust and open platform where all your applications reside, with just one user interface and everything just a click away. By connecting a Power App like Gravity's financials, users gain easy access to familiar Microsoft products such as Office 365, Outlook, Teams, Windows Server, Exchange Server, SharePoint, Power BI, Power Automate and a marketplace of additional apps. Businesses can choose from a vast range of add-on modules based on their operational needs.

And if that is not enough, Microsoft has just added AI Builder to the Power Platform. Now applications like Gravity can incorporate world class AI into their applications without having to develop it themselves. In early January, Microsoft committed an investment of over $250 million into the Power Platform. Gravity can take advantage of every enhancement Microsoft makes.

360 Destination Group eliminates redundancies with Gravity Software

Wondering how your business would sync and thrive with a cloud-agile accounting solution like Gravity? Just take a look at the Microsoft Power Platform, a platform that hosts over 5 million users worldwide. And if you are one of the 40,000+ companies using Dynamics 365 CE (aka Dynamics 365 CRM) but not Gravity, you're using an accounting system on a completely platform. It kind of defeats the purpose of having the Microsoft Power Platform.

If your company is already using Dynamics 365 CE, you can easily add Gravity’s accounting application. So, how efficient is this? A Salesperson is one click away from knowing what’s in Inventory. Not having to put that customer on hold while they login to a totally separate application. Your Controller is just a click away from looking at Sales Forecasts, a crucial part of planning cash flow. Every piece of information about a customer is just a click away. Is their job over budget? What did they buy last month? How much do they owe? Do they have any new opportunities, and where did they come from? Imagine being able to answer just about any question immediately. We call it information transparency.

Gravity’s clients have all written their Dear John letters to their old accounting software, explaining why they have moved on. When each client said goodbye ,they understood that doing so was more than just a switch from one software to another. They were also ascending to a whole new level of capability, transparency and support, with all of the following:

  • Unlimited number of users.

  • Unique multi-company accounting.

  • Sophisticated multi-location, departments or profit center reporting.

  • To track transactions to events, projects or other dimensions.

  • Better security and true transaction audit trails.

  • Open API for integration with external systems.

  • Personalization of workflow automation.

  • Award winning CRM to automate sales, marketing and service.

  • Better internal controls.

Built to last

Since its inception, Gravity and Dynamics 365 CE have cultivated a near symbiotic relationship that translates into customer success. And while this duo has proven strong right out the gate, the honeymoon is far from over. Having been written on the Microsoft Power Platform is more than just two great names fused together, it's built to last for the life of a company. Why? How? Its open platform is very robust and strong, flexible and agile. With Gravity, you’re running on a platform that is truly integrated and modular in its structure. This provides the ability to accommodate the varying needs of each customer. When you’re flexible and agile, your customer can count on seamless implementation of new apps without succumbing to delays and difficulty normally associated with tools that are powerful, but difficult to access and utilize.

Pick and choose

With Dynamics 365 you are able to pick and choose which modules you want to include for your business. For example, a company can choose Financials from Gravity, Sales from Microsoft, Job Costing from Gravity, and/or Grant Management from Grant Vantage. The list to fit your business needs is endless. In the end, your business maintains the greatest flexibility, value and overall efficiency using an open platform.

Seamless integration

And if you already own Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, I highly encourage you to take a look at Gravity Software. Gravity's online business financials allows you to easily navigate from Gravity's back office accounting solution to front office Sale, Marketing & Service. A seamless integration, with just one database to manage, all on one platform. Gravity Software and Dynamics 365 CE, the Honeymoon is far from over. Learn more and schedule an online demo today! My business is connected. Is yours?

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This article was originally published in November of 2017 and has been updated and edited for clarity