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Whether you’re talkin’ White Castle sliders, the Coney Dogs at Lafayette Coney Island, or the Chicken Shawarma’s at Bucharest Grill in Detroit, there’s always something special that goes into making their fare. After all, anyone can throw some food together and serve it up, but the great ones pair a proven process and execution with the special ingredients to deliver the best. Special pickles for the Shawarmas? Or maybe it’s the beef? Magical spices in the chili for the dogs? Or could it be the ambiance late at night with other Detroiters. That final, final, last stop.  You can debate the merits of every ingredient for any great food, but one thing is for sure: they’re all vital to the finished product.

And when it comes to an accounting solution that really hits home and gets the job done, you naturally want the best, and not just the closest one off the shelf. Something cloud-based? Check. Scalable? For sure. Intuitive and easy to use? Absolutely! In fact, you’re looking for all that and more. Specifically, your growing business wants and needs Gravity Software® (Gravity). With Gravity, all of the following ingredients (and more) combine to form the perfect recipe for your business infrastructure (no need to add water or eggs):


A Pinch of

Intuitive Drill-Down Capabilities for Easy and Immediate Data Extraction

Between easy to use templates and personalized dashboards, you can find the data (and the answers when you need them), without the frustration of delays and unnecessary waiting. Gravity provides a solution that rids your operation of those frantic calls and emails looking and hoping for information that you should have at your fingertips.

A Dash of

The Ability to Share Master Files

With proper security features in place, you can share data with all of your locations’ general managers, and anyone else to whom you’ve granted clearance. By sharing master files and allowing access to those who need it, you effectively eliminate siloed data issues and inefficiencies.

A Nice Helping of

Reporting on Consolidated Information

Track and breakdown vendor expenses by location. Now you can compare one location to another, or multiple locations simultaneously, with each entity’s data successfully consolidated.

Add 3 1/2 Cups of

The Ability to Capture and Analyzing Critical Data

Who wants to wait for a manager to get back to you with answers? Hint: No one. When data is properly and securely consolidated, you can retrieve those answers just as fast has he could. Want to compare vendor pricing between this year and the past 3? Check your dashboard and click. Want to see which customers are taking advantage of your latest deals? No worries. Want to determine if it’s time to restructure those deals for next year? Done. Answers to all those questions (and many more), should be right at your fingertips.

Fold in

Multi-Company Operational Reports

This is the ingredient that gives your business a boost. You’ll no longer have to concede hours to produce consolidated Aging and other Operational reports. Instead, in less than 2 minutes, you can select the AR Aging Report, select the companies to include in the report, and view it. Not only are you able to consolidate financial reports, but operational reports as well. Select the report, select the companies and print. Click and print, how easy is that?

Taste Test

Inter-Company Billing

In Gravity, you can set up inter-company billing templates to determine the voucher distribution for the receiving company. Next, create the invoice in the parent, then a voucher is automatically created and posted in the subsidiary’s payables. One step: one and done. Prep Time: Couple minutes.

Healthcare company upgrades from Sage and QuickBooks to Gravity's cloud accounting software

Built on the best platform

Built on the Microsoft Power Platform (aka Microsoft Dataverse),  Gravity provides a tailored adaptation for you to execute the perfect recipe for your business. It’s perfect for your business because…

  • you’ll enjoy a clear, 360-degree view of your operation, anytime.

  • Gravity grows with your business. As your business grows and evolves, you can add more users and adjust for security, logistics and clearance.

  • you’ll receive updates automatically, and you’ll never have to wait for and IT guru to complete an update or deal with frustrating downtime.

  • you don’t have to fork over a hefty check or take out a painful loan to enjoy the benefits of implementation. Instead, enjoy and bask in the upside of cloud-based operational system without all the expensive startup costs normally associated with ERP solutions.



If your business has outgrown QuickBooks, Xero or legacy accounting application, it's time upgrade to Gravity Software. Learn more and schedule your online demo today. 

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This article was originally published in December 2017 and has been updated and edited for clarity.