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Gravity Announces Multi-Currency and Enhanced Multi-Entity Accounting


Detroit, Michigan – March 18, 2020Gravity Software® (Gravity), a robust mid-market cloud accounting solution today announced its latest release, Version 5.1 of its popular application. Two of the major updates include the addition of Multi-Currency management and enhanced Multi-Entity Reporting.

“We are excited to introduce Gravity Software v.5.1, with enhancements to meet the growing needs for companies around the world,” said John Silvani, President & CEO of Gravity. “We will continue to position Gravity as the number one cloud-based accounting solution for companies that have outgrown entry level applications like QuickBooks and Xero.”

Gravity v.5.1’s key major enhancements include


End users have the ability to set up Multi-Currency at three different levels. They can setup a single organizational currency for consolidations, a base currency for each company, and transact in different currencies. For example, they can receive a vendor invoice in a currency different than the entity’s base currency and Gravity automatically handles all the currency conversions.

Enhanced Multi-Entity Accounting

  • Entity Groups can now be created and used in reporting and master files security (customer, vendor, etc.)

  • Entities can be assigned to one or more groups. You can select an Entity Group and the report will include all of the entities in the group.

Enhanced Advanced Financial Reporting

  • Dimensions can now be used as filters on ADFS rows.

  • Multiple entities can be grouped under a common name and used in reporting by just selecting the group.

Gravity’s big claim to fame is the consolidation of multiple entities in just one database, on just one platform. Built on the Microsoft Power Platform (aka Dynamics 365), users can scale up and down, add additional modules based on their operational needs, and much more.

“80% of our clients came from QuickBooks and the remaining from legacy accounting apps,” said Silvani, “This software update release provides better efficiencies for businesses that are managing multiple entities and need to transact in different currencies. Gravity helps companies that truly want a robust cloud-based accounting solution at an affordable price.”

Onefire increases efficiency with Gravity Software

If your business is managing multiple companies, each with its own separate database, you should be looking at Gravity Software. Gravity’s multi-entity accounting software eliminates redundant data entry and provides real-time insights so you can make better informed decisions for your business.

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If your business is outgrowing your current entry level accounting software, consider Gravity Software. It’s easy to use and easy to implement. Most of all, Gravity works for you. If your business has outgrown QuickBooks or is still operating on old technology, schedule an online demo today.

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Gravity Software, LLC (Gravity) is a cloud-based business management software company that provides accounting solutions for businesses that have outgrown their entry level accounting software like QuickBooks. Gravity’s robust accounting solution is built on the Microsoft Power Platform (aka Dynamics 365) and gives businesses the ability to have their financial and operational data on just one platform.  More than just accounting, Gravity provides businesses with real-time insights into all their lines of businesses. Gravity Software. Better. Smarter. Accounting.  https://www.gogravity.com/.  Follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, & Instagram, Subscribe to our YouTube Channel, and Like us on Facebook.

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