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Southfield, Michigan – June 7, 2016  Gravity Software™ (Gravity) today announced Multi-entity capabilities in their recent Gravity 3.0 release. Traditionally, organizations with multiple companies would have to set each one as an individual database and often pay a fee for each individual company. Entering shared expenses would become a nightmare of inefficiency and consolidated reporting almost impossible.

Gravity Software’s cloud accounting software is written on the Microsoft Power Platform. Small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) have the distinct advantage of having their financials and CRM fully integrated on one platform. Companies have the distinct advantage of having a complete, 360 degree view of their customers.

With Gravity 3.0, organizations can set up multiple entities in one database. Master information like customers & vendors can be shared or secured as needed. Expenses can be entered on one screen and shared with unlimited companies. Each entity can have its own or consolidated reports. Non-profits are easily able to track individual funds and develop organization wide reports including functional expense statements. Gravity 3.0 provides organizations with greater efficiency and a lower overall cost ownership.

As businesses grow, they need a strong financial system like Gravity. If your company has multiple entities, you’re probably spending a lot of time with duplicate data entry and manual spreadsheets consolidating information. What about the costs to manage each database? And the software licensing costs?

“We’ve talked to hundreds of companies that have multiple companies and are struggling to improve their efficiency.” said John Silvani, President & CEO of Gravity Software. “By upgrading their system to Gravity, these companies can reduce costs, be more effective and efficient in the work they do. The technology just works. Now, who wouldn’t want that?”

Multi-entity Benefits include:

  • Shared Master Files – Share Vendors, Customers and Charts of Accounts among some or all entities.Consolidations – Easy Multi-entity, multi-tiered consolidation reports.
  • Automatic Inter-Entity Accounting  Gravity will distribute line items to multiple entities and automatically manage Due ‘To’ and Due ‘From’ accounts.
  • Close Your Books Faster  Gravity’s real-time architecture makes period end closes a non-event.
  • Real-time Access – Access your information anywhere, anytime, with real-time insights into all your companies.
  • Scalability – Enjoy a cloud-based solution that can scale up or down based on your business needs. Add a company, it’s so easy!

Gravity’s goal is to fill the gap between entry level accounting software like QuickBooks and higher end applications like Microsoft Dynamics GP. If you’re a Multi-entity organization on an entry level accounting solution like QuickBooks, take a look at Gravity Software.

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Valerie Silvani, VP of Sales & Marketing