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4 Good Reasons to Have an Integrated CRM and Accounting System

By now, just about every business implements some type of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system; and...

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Got Dynamics 365 for Sales aka Customer Engagement

When your business was the new kid on the block, operations were relatively simple. A handful of local,...

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Cloud Collaboration: Enhanced Customer Service

On one hand, you have Microsoft CRM, and Office 365 on the other; and when hands are joined: endless benefits,...

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Cloud Collaboration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Office 365: Marketing and Sales Benefits

What do you get when you combine already familiar Microsoft Office 365 applications with a powerful CRM...

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Accounting and CRM: Seamlessly Integrated

Gravity Software’s (Gravity) cloud-based accounting software is written as a full accounting application on...

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The Importance of Tracking Inventory

Too Little, Too Much - Ouch!

For product based companies inventory is their life blood. Accurate inventory...

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Move to a Cloud Accounting Software – My business is connected. Is yours?

Valerie Silvani, VP of Sales & Marketing, Gravity Software

Technology has Really Connected Us

As a...

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Cool Cloud Financials for CPAs Clients

Traditionally sales and accounting have been on their own islands, each with their own systems. This leads to...

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Spend More Time on Your Business – Cloud Accounting Software-as-a-Service

We want it now

The cloud allows you to easily grow your systems as your business grows with minimal...

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Marketing is the New Sales – CRM Financial Software

Small to medium size businesses (SMBs) need to track their marketing efforts. Unfortunately, SMB marketing has...

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