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Steps to optimize your sales and marketing for a digital environment

Undergoing a digital transformation can be difficult for small businesses that often have few resources to spare....

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10 time management tips for accountants


It’s no news accounting can be a stressful profession, because of the responsibility and the hours involved.

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Fast, smart and automatic: Boost productivity on revenue recognition with the right tools

Time-strapped accountants are always looking for ways to make their daily work more efficient, and one way of doing...

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Go and grow: 8 signs your firm may need more employees

In the process of reevaluating the size of your staff? If so, you’re far from alone.

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Dog Days? 6 Tips for Boosting Business Productivity This Summer

It’s no secret: In many industries, summer is one of the least fruitful times of the year when it comes to employee...

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The Benefits of a True Multi-Company Accounting Solution

Most accounting systems today call themselves a Multi-Company application because they can handle the...

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